Bioneers 2016 | Making Contact


Keynote presentation about cetacean communication at the annual Bioneers conference.

ABC Nightline

A short segment for ABC’s Nightline based on DEEP freediving researchers Fabrice Schnoller and Fred Buyle.


The Click Effect Behind-the-Scenes

A look at the making of The Click Effect, a virtual reality short documentary based on DEEP.

Float Conference

What happens to your hear when you dive 300 feet deep in the ocean? A 20-minute version of the DEEP talk at the great Float Conference 2014.

Korduroy TV: Run Your Car on Veggie Oil

In this short for Korduroy TV's D-I-Why Not, Nestor talks about

running his 1977 Mercedes Benz 300D (diesel) on used peanut oil he

gets from San Francisco's South Park Cafe Restaurant. (Now if only he

would have washed the dusty, dirty, sap-covered brown beast before

shooting. . .)


Breakfast at Aquarius

Take a dive down 70 feet off Key Largo to the world's only underwater research station. Learn more about Aquarius.



Regreturature (Litquake Benefit)

Me and fellow Grottoites read the worst crap we've ever written.



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